Overview Edit

The Winter Horde are an enemy group in City of Heroes and City of Villains. This horde of ice beasts can't be found in any outdoor zones nor during missions, and only spawns during special events, at least so far.

Background Edit

There is no official background about this group at this time.

Enemy Types Edit

Minions Edit

Frostling Edit



This small creature is made up of snow and malice. Frostlings are the weakest servants of the Winter Lord.


Lieutenants Edit

Blight Edit



A Blight is a Frostling that has served the Winter Lord long and successfully enough to be granted additional power.


Bosses Edit

Snow Beast Edit


Snow Beast

Snow Beasts are the most powerful creatures in service to the Winter Lord. They desire nothing more than to freeze everything they come into contact with.


Giant Monsters Edit

Winter Lord Edit


Winter Lord

This is a manifestation of the Winter Lord. He is a creature of ancient power that wishes to bring eternal winter to the land. If he is ever allowed a permanent foothold in our world, endless night will fall.


Named Enemies Edit

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