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All wings, when invented/granted must then be added at the Tailor. Choose Back Detail and go from there. Wings will flap occasionally on the ground and constantly during flight. They do not give the power of flight if you don't already have it. As with all other costume features, they are cosmetic rather than functional.

Angel WingsEdit

Vreward Wings 01

Angel Wings

15 Month Veteran Reward Costume option. This reward is granted along with Demon Wings.

Bat WingsEdit

Wings Bat

Bat Wings

Costume Piece: Bat Wings

Bone WingsEdit

Wings Bone

Bone Wings

Costume Piece: Bone Wings

Burned WingsEdit

Wings Burned

Burned Wings

Costume Piece: Burned Wings

Cherubic WingsEdit

Wings Cherub

Cherubic Wings

Costume Piece: Cherubic Wings

Demon WingsEdit

Vreward Wings 03

Demon Wings

15 Month Veteran Reward Costume option. This reward is granted along with Angel Wings.

Draconic WingsEdit

Wings Dragon

Draconic Wings

Costume Piece: Draconic Wings

Fairy WingsEdit

Wings Fairy

Fairy Wings

Costume Piece: Fairy Wings

Insect WingsEdit

Wings Insect

Insect Wings

Costume Piece: Insect Wings

Tech WingsEdit

Wings Tech

Tech Wings

Costume Piece: Tech Wings

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