Overview Edit

Vic Johansson
Beat Cop
Zone Kings Row
Coordinates (340.5, -42, 286.5)
Level Range 5-9
Introduced by Paula Dempsey
Susan Davies
Maurice Feldon
Introduces Kip Cantorum
Laurence Mansfield
Paco Sanchez
Willy Starbuck
Enemy groups Badge villain lost The Lost
Badge villain outcasts Outcasts
Badge villain cot Circle of Thorns

Vic Johansson is a City of Heroes contact located in the Gish neighborhood of Kings Row at coordinates (340.5, -42, 286.5). Vic Johansson is a Natural origin contact. His level range is 5-9.

Introductions Edit

Contact Introduced By Edit

New Contact(s) Edit

There's an engineer named Kip Cantorum who knows a lot about illegal technology. You should go see him; he might have some good leads for you on the Vahzilok zombies. Kip's business is in Galaxy City.

Kip should be able to help you.

You should consider introducing yourself to Laurence Mansfield. He is one of the more personable county coroners. He can be a very helpful resource on the Hellions and the Circle of Thorns. He is located in Atlas Park.

Mansfield has a strange sense of humor sometimes.

There's an EMT named Paco Sanchez who'd like to meet you. He's not only great at his job, but he also works well with heroes, tipping them off whenever he sees something interesting going on with the Hellions and the Circle of Thorns. Paco can be found in Galaxy City.

Paco primarily cares about saving lives.

You ever meet Willy Starbuck? He's a small time hustler, but he knows a lot about the Council, and he's willing to talk. You should stop by and introduce yourself. Willy grifts over in Steel Canyon.

Willy has the kind of mind that can lead you right to the heart of trouble.

Information Edit

Beat Cop

Vic Johansson grew up in one of Paragon City's poorer neighborhoods as the son of a shopkeeper and a bus driver. After a few years in boring office jobs, he joined the police force. He has since become a distinguished officer, although promotions have been few and far between. Vic knows full well that it's the heroes, not the cops, who end up fighting most of the crime in Paragon City, and his comfort with this fact may explain why he hasn't moved up the ranks quickly. Most cops have an inferiority complex about costumed crime fighters, and they like to solve cases without them. Vic, on the other hand, is famously friendly with the super-powered crowd. He's also a firm believer in the neighborhood-based policing, and he keeps heroes apprised of the slightest signs of evil on his beat.

Initial Contact Edit

This city needs heroes, and I aim to help them any way I can.

Store Edit

  • Inspirations
  • Level 10 training enhancements (Power 10 only)

Missions Edit

Talk to the Steel Canyon Security Chief Edit


There is trouble in Steel Canyon. Get your assignment from the Security Chief.

You will probably be dealing with the Outcasts, so be ready for anything.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Security Chief in Steel Canyon


Here is some info on the area. I need you to get out on the streets and contain the Outcasts. They can usually be found in Blyde Square or the Cooper District.

Icon clue generic
Steel Canyon briefing
Steel Canyon is the financial district of Paragon City. Many national banks, insurance companies, and investment firms have their headquarters in this zone. In fact, so much money flows through Steel Canyon, Paragon City ranks among America's richest cities. Success has spurred the construction of so many skyscrapers that the place looks like a canyon made of concrete, glass and metal. The zone isn't without its dangers, though. The Outcasts have claimed the area as their own, and they've recruited a lot of kids with mutant powers related to the elements. That's what the Outcasts love best—beating down their enemies with the power of the elements.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Keep peace in Steel Canyon
    • Defeat 10 Outcasts

You have defeated 10 Outcasts.


Badge villain outcasts Outcasts


Well done; those Outcasts are a powerful bunch. It seems the number of mutants in the city is increasing rapidly.

Go to Kings Row and stop the Lost rampage Edit


We've been seeing a lot of violence from the Lost in Kings Row. They've been attacking businesses, sometimes to steal the merchandise, sometimes just to destroy it. I need you to get to Kings Row and stop the Lost rampage.

Crowne Memorial and the Gish are reporting a lot of Lost thefts. You might want to start in those neighborhoods.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Combat Lost in Kings Row
    • Defeat 10 Lost

You have discouraged the Lost from looting businesses in Kings Row.


Badge villain lost The Lost


The Lost violence seems to have no rhyme or reason, but I suspect there's a greater plan in the works here.

See Perez Park Security Chief Edit


The Security Chief for Perez Park asked for you by name. You should take that as a compliment. Go talk to him. He's located in Atlas Park near the gates to Perez Park.

Perez Park is a dangerous place these days. Clearly the Chief thinks you can handle it, but take a couple of friends with you, just in case.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Security Chief


Take this briefing seriously. I need you to deal with some of the Circle of Thorns mystics that have been plaguing the area. Try looking for them in Bettis Hills.

Icon clue generic
Perez Park briefing
Perez Park used to be a beautiful place to take your family for an afternoon picnic. Now, no one in his right mind wanders in there. Most of the area has been abandoned, largely due to the rumors of unholy Circle of Thorns rites taking place deep within the forest. The park is entirely overgrown, a perfect place for those strange mystics to summon up a demon or two. This zone is so deadly that even heroes shouldn't go in there in groups of fewer than three.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Keep the peace in Perez Park
    • Defeat 10 Circle of Thorns


Badge villain cot Circle of Thorns


I guess the Chief's confidence in you was well placed. Fantastic job.

Find the missing homeless people Edit

NPC Missing homeless person 01

Missing homeless person


A lot of homeless people have gone missing from a local shelter. An eyewitness reported seeing one of them dragged into the sewers. Please find the missing homeless people. If we're lucky, we can still save them.

Get those people out safely, hero.

Mission Objective(s)

You followed a bedraggled man into the sewers. You hope he's led you to the right place.

  • Escort missing people from sewer
    • 3 hostages to rescue
    • 3 hostages to lead out

You rescued the homeless.


Badge villain lost The Lost

Notable NPCs

Missing homeless person: How did I get here?
Missing homeless person: Thank you for getting me out of there.

The Recruiter: Make sure the new blood is properly altered.
The Recruiter: Heroes! Don't let them rescue the new blood!
Headman rifleman: Get those heroes!
Scrounger Slugger: We'll show you the path!
Scrounger Buckshot: you'll be one of us soon.


Good work rescuing those people. We need to find out who brought them down there, and for what purpose.

Hit the streets and defeat a few Lost Edit


The doctors over at Chiron Medical Center want some more data on these mysterious Lost. If we can find out what has happened to those homeless people, we may be able to help them. I need you to hit the streets and defeat a few Lost. Take some blood samples, then bring the data back to me.

Field reports have groups of the Lost in Kings Row and inside Perez Park. Good luck.

Icon clue generic
Medical kit
This medical kit contains sterile swabs and a dozen syringes. With it, you should be able to sample enough Lost blood to give the doctors some insight into the strange changes taking place among the homeless population.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Collect blood samples from Lost
    • Defeat 10 Lost

You have collected enough blood samples from the Lost.

Icon clue generic
Blood samples
You took these blood samples from the Lost you defeated. They may help the doctors at Chiron Medical Center determine what has turned the homeless into the Lost.


Thanks. I hope your efforts have brought us closer to solving this mystery once and for all.

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