Part of the Veteran Rewards Program, these base items are awarded to long term player's characters for them to pass onto their super groups. These items once unlocked by the corresponding badge are always available for claiming no matter how many times previously they have been placed. Once claimed, these will appear in a character's "personal base items" menu which is accessible only from a bases portal room.

Base Items Awarded by Month Edit

12 Month Rewards Edit

Badge vr months 012 Loyal
A year of service is recognized by the government of Paragon City.
A year has passed, and your powers are still growing.

24 Month Rewards Edit

Badge vr months 024 Devoted
Two solid years of beating down the bad guys.
Two years in, and the plans get bigger, and your aspirations grander.

30 Month Rewards Edit

Badge vr months 030 Committed
Thirty months protecting Paragon City has you looking forward to thirty more.
Thirty months of mayhem, you should be Committed.

36 Month Rewards Edit

Badge vr months 036 Addicted
Three years battling crime, you've suprised yourself you've lasted this long.
You've been at this three years now, even Lord Recluse is suprised you've lasted this long.

See AlsoEdit

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