The Vault Reserve provides a place to store a limited amount of Invention Salvage, freeing up space in your personal inventory. Vault Reserves are located throughout the City and Isles, as well as at Pocket D. The Vault Reserve system stores the default amount of Inventions Salvage based on your level. The increases granted awarded as part of the crafting badges do not increase the Vault Reserve amount, only the personal capacity.

Aside from the Pocket D locations, the Vault Reserves are always in a zone that also contains a Wentworth's Fine Consignments or a Black Market.

Supergroups may also install a Personal Storage Vault in their base that allows members to access to the Vault Reserve system.

Vault Storage Capacity Edit

Level RangeCapacity
1 3
2 4
3 8
4 15
5 – 35 30
36 32
37 34
38 36
39 38
40 – 44 40
45 – 50 50


Atlas Park 
West and a bit north of the entrance to the Sewer Network. Coordinates: (-182.5, 0.0, 794.4).
Kings Row 
South of Wentworths; also east of the Base Portal. Coordinates: (-1316.0, 0.0, 1799.5).
Steel Canyon 
Southwest of the Yellow Line. Coordinates: (-4234.7, 0.0, 2427.5).
Talos Island 
Due north of Wentworths. Coordinates: (-646.0, 160.0, 6646.5).
Pocket D 
Located on the hero side, downstairs. Coordinates: (17.2, 0.0, -1340.0).

Villains Edit

Cap au Diable
East of the Base Portal, or north of the Black Market. Coordinates: (386.0, 15.4, -1504.0).
Mercy Isle
East of the Black Market. Coordinates: (-2265.2, 239.0, 996.2).
Sharkhead Isle 
Southeast of the entrance to Pocket D. Coordinates: (386.5, 32.0, -772.5).
St. Martial
West of the Hospital. Coordinates: (-1593.9, 16.0, 409.6).
Pocket D 
Located in the villain side, downstairs. Coordinates: (-220.3, 0.0, -798.1).

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