What to install Edit

If you already playing the game, either through a trial account, or having already been playing City of Heroes/Villains, you do not need to actually install anything on your computer. You already have an up to date game client and just need to upgrade your account with the new serial code.

If you have not been playing, or need to reinstall the game, then you only need to install one version of the game, preferably the newest. A newer version of the game will reduce the amount of download time needed to patch the game up to it's current level.

List of versions, from newest to oldest"

  1. Good Vs. Evil
  2. City of Villains
  3. City of Heroes
  4. Game client only

Upgrading your account Edit

Step OneEdit

First, go to the Select the Account link on the left side.

Upgrade Tutorial01

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Step TwoEdit

Next, click Manage link in the center area.

Upgrade Tutorial02

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Step ThreeEdit

Log in to your account. If you've lost your password, click the Forgot Password link below the log in boxes. You will be asked about some information you gave when you set up your account. If you can no longer remember the answer to this, follow the instructions in the Knowledge Base.

Upgrade Tutorial03

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Step FourEdit

When you come to the next screen, do NOT click the Add Game link! Below your account name, there is an Account Details box, click on that.

Upgrade Tutorial04

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Step FiveEdit

The next screen has an Upgrade box in the Games & Version area. Click on that.

Upgrade Tutorial05

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Step SixEdit

You can now enter your code in which to upgrade your account.

Upgrade Tutorial06

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Congratulations, you have now upgraded your account.

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