Badge villain family


You have shown that no matter the bribe or threat, you will stand before organized criminals and take them on.

How to Get

Defeat 100 Family bosses (Underbosses and Consiglieri).

Weapon Unlocked

When an Assault Rifle Blaster or Corruptor or a Mercenaries Mastermind obtains this badge, they unlock the Tommy Gun weapon customization.


In CoV, there are a mixture of "standard" Family mobs and specific Marcone Family mobs. All are in the Family enemy group, and often share the same names and powers, but different descriptions. Consiglieri and Underbosses that mention Emil Marcone in their descriptions will not count towards this badge, regardless of whether they have "Marcone" in their names or not. The different mobs can be found as follows:

  • Port Oakes: All bosses are Marcone.
  • Sharkhead: All bosses are Marcone.
  • Nerva: Has both Marcone and Family bosses. Family bosses will mention "Don" in their /info bio text.
  • St. Martial: All bosses are Marcone.

As a result, the only place to hunt for this badge outside of missions is the dock area in Nerva, and even then, not all bosses killed will count for the badge.

In CoH, the best place to hunt for this badge is the docks of Striga Isle.

Missions that hold these bosses for villain side are Steel Canyon mayhem (as keyholders) and Operative Kirkland's mission "Take out negotiator and witnessess" (only one, last boss).


The Badge's name is a reference to the autobiographical memoir by Eliot Ness and Oscar Fraley, published in 1957, which was the basis for two television series and a Brian DePalma film.

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