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Overview Edit

Unlockable Stores, as the name implies, are stores that you have to unlock in order to buy enhancements. These stores can be unlocked in a few ways: either by earning a badge, or by completing a mission.

Unlockable Stores Edit

Store Name Sells Location Requirement
Agent Six Level 30-40 Natural Enhancements Founders' Falls Complete Agent Six's mission
Ghost Falcon Level 40-50 SO's (all origins) Peregrine Island Complete Ghost Falcon's mission
Holsten Armitage Level 30-40 Science Enhancements Brickstown Complete Holsten Armitage's mission
Mark IV Level 30-40 Tech Enhancements Founders' Falls Complete Mark IV's mission
Mr. Yin Special SO's for Level 15-19 Faultline Earn the Rescuer Badge
Penny Preston Level 30-40 Mutation Enhancements Founders' Falls Complete Penny Preston's mission
Serafina Level 30-40 Magic Enhancements Brickstown Complete Serafina's mission

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