Overview Edit

Unlockable Contacts, as the name implies, are contacts that you have to unlock in order to obtain missions. After they are unlocked, they will assign you missions and sell you enhancements and inspirations. At present, unlockable contacts only appear in the Rogue Isles. The only method to unlock them are through obtaining various badges and being in a required level range. It is possible to outlevel them and not be able to complete their missions.

Unlockable Contacts Edit

Contact Name Level Range Location Badge Required
Veluta Lunata 10-14 Port Oakes -2509, 108, -823 V badge GhostTrappingBadge Pirate Badge
Henri Dumont 20-24 Sharkhead Isle 853, 32, -261 V badge ScrapyarderBadge Strike Buster Badge
Archmage Tarixus 25-29 Sharkhead Isle 793, 16, 1781 V badge HistoryBadge Lorekeeper Badge
Doc Buzzsaw 25-29 Sharkhead Isle 693, 32, -1342 V badge InfamyBadge Bling Badge
Kristof Jaeger 25-29 Nerva Archipelago 2123, 16, 7712 V badge LongbowBadge Villain Badge
Crimson Revenant 30-35 Nerva Archipelago -4, 103, 6636 V badge ScrapyarderBadge Hammer Down Badge
Slot Machine 30-35 St. Martial -1925, -156, 2344 V badge FamilyBadge Gangbuster Badge
Arbiter Leery 35-39 Nerva Archipelago 1735, 157, 3154 V badge RespecBadge1 Thorn Robber Badge or V badge RespecBadge2 Thorn Thief Badge
Johnny Sonata 35-39 St. Martial -1699, -160, 2114 V badge 50BadgeBadge Obsessed Badge
Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt 40-44 Grandville 2675, -1044, 697 V badge 25BadgeBadge Native Badge
Number 204 40-44 Grandville 2484, -285, 1402 V badge ArachnosBadge Venomous Badge
Viridian 45-50 Grandville 2776, 243, 829 Badge villain tsoo Tracer Badge, Badge villain freakshow Tank Buster Badge, Badge villain crey Infiltrator Badge,

Defeat 200 Council, Defeat 200 Crey

Television 45-50 Grandville 3231, -458, 2371 V badge TourismBadge Master of the Airwaves Badge

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