Overview Edit

UniqueDragon was a player who made one very unusual post on the City of Heroes forums. UniqueDragon was apparently very worried that many of the various exploits that have happened in games like Everquest, would be repeated in City of Heroes. In 2005, UniqueDragon was voted "Favorite Board Newbie" and his thread received "Best All Time Board Thread."

Original PostEdit

UniqueDragon's first post is reprinted here:

This is how it start's jerk hacking (dupin)
01/04/05 11:51 AM

this what happened in the last game i played hackers ruined it for everyone dupin rares and gold and just anything to cheat there no extened maintenance there trying to catch the hacker and we pay for it so unless people don't let GM'S know of wrong doing's in the game it we ruin it and there we not be a COH IT WELL BE GONE TO THE AMERICANS!!!!!!!

Later, the developer pohsyb followed up with this reassurance:

Never fear, we are constantly vigilant against the menacing threat of jerk hackers. If a jerk hacker is found, we reverse hack-jerk, and they are actually the ones who well be gone to the americans!

UniqueDragon's returnEdit

UniqueDragon has appearently returned to the City of Heroes forums, posting again in the thread that made him well known.

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