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Overview Edit

Tristan Caine
Tristan Caine
Zone Skyway City
Coordinates (134.5, 0, -7090)
Level Range 10-14
Introduced by Kip Cantorum
Introduces Jake Montoya
Maggie Greene
Enemy groups Badge villain vahzilok Vahzilok
Badge villain skulls Skulls

Tristan Caine is a City of Heroes contact located in the Vista Plaza neighborhood of Skyway City at coordinates (134.5, 0, -7090). Tristan Caine is a Science origin contact. His level range is 10-14.

Introductions Edit

Contact Introduced By Edit

New Contact(s) Edit

Did you ever hear of the Red Tiger? He retired right after the war, and now he's just Jake Montoya. He may not wear a costume anymore, but he can sure help those who do, especially with information on the Clockwork and the Trolls. Jake has retired to Skyway City.

Jake has his eye out for new blood to take up the mantle of heroism.

Maggie Greene is a class act and a good reporter. She'll do good by you. Her investigations have led her to focus on the Clockwork and the Trolls. Maggie files her reports in Skyway City.

Maggie has better instincts than almost anyone I know. Listen to her and you will have plenty of action.

Information Edit

Environmental Activist

Born and raised in Paragon City, Tristan is an idealistic young activist who specializes in urban environmentalism. His primary concerns are issues like recycling, clean air, and fighting urban sprawl. He's been in the news more than once, usually as part of a citizens' group dedicated to repairing Paragon City in an environmentally sound manner. He's got a nose for trouble and thinks of himself as kind of a watchdog, always on the lookout for environmental wrong-doers. He's particularly interested in Dr. Vahzilok, who has a reputation for hindering the environmental movement.

Initial Contact Edit

The villains in this city are a danger more insidious than most people realize. I hope you will help me in diminishing that threat.

Story Arc Edit

Souvenir Edit

Water department ID badge

This badge is a reminder of one of your most serious run-ins with the Vahzilok, a mission you've come to think of as:

The Vahzilok Pollutant Plot.

The trail began with several murderous attacks by the Vahzilok. They were killing innocent office workers. You stopped the slaughter and recovered an ID badge from one of the victims. The badge identified the fallen man as an employee of the Paragon City Water Department.

The Vahzilok didn't let their defeat slow them down. Your contact learned that the zombies had hijacked a chemical shipment, and you were sent to investigate. You dispatched the Vahzilok and recovered a shipping manifest. A cleanup crew was sent to recover the stolen chemicals, but, according to the manifest, several canisters were still missing.

Next you were sent to rescue several physicians kidnapped by the Vahzilok. From one of these doctors, you learned that the Vahzilok wanted information about a drug that aids in organ transplants by lowering the body's resistance to the foreign organs. Your contact put together the pieces. The Water Department badge. The missing chemicals. The doctor's new drug. The Vahzilok were coordinating a massive effort to drug the water of Paragon City!

In an effort to distract the city's heroes from their plan, the Vahzilok stepped up their reign of terror on the streets of Paragon City. You responded to the threat, defeating Vahzilok after Vahzilok until you found one that was carrying a faded map. It pointed to the water purification center, and you realized that the Vahzilok inteded to deploy their drug at that location.

You made your way to the seweres and confronted the Vahzilok. You put a stop to the plot to contaminate the Paragon City water supply with the evil taint of Vahzilok.

Stop the Vahzilok slaughter Edit


I've just heard that the Vahzilok are attacking some offices! Apparently they're just slaughtering everyone. You need to stop the Vahzilok slaughter right away. Make certain you examine the area for any clues they might have left.

Hurry! Lives are at stake.

Mission Objective(s)

The Vahzilok have turned this office into a charnel made house.

  • Stop zombie leader and minions
    • Investigate raid, 7 hostages left

ID badge
You found this ID badge on the victim of a Vahzilok attack. The badge identifies the wearer as an employee of the Paragon City Water Department.

Notable NPCs

  • 7 Helpless office workers (Hostages)


Badge villain vahzilok Vahzilok


That badge you found on the dead man is from the Paragon City Water Department. What do the Vahzilok want with a PC Water employee?

Investigate the chemical hijacking Edit


You did a great job stopping the Vahzilok slaughter at that office building, and I think I can trust you with another big job. A couple of days ago a truck carrying a variety of dangerous chemicals was hijacked. There was no sign of the parties responsible, but the truck was just sighted pulling into a warehouse. Do you think you could investigate the chemical hijacking for me? Take a look around, but we'll handle the chemical cleanup once you secure the warehouse.

Make certain to be careful with those chemicals.

Mission Objective(s)

The hijacked truck is outside, and it's already been unloaded. This is definitely the place.

  • Defeat hijacker and his guards
    • Investigate hijacking

You have defeated the hijackers and found a clue to their motives.

Shipping manifest
This shipping manifest lists the contents of a chemical shipment hijacked by the Vahzilok.


Badge villain skulls Skulls
Badge villain vahzilok Vahzilok


Good job. I'll look over this shipping manifest you found. I'm sure we recovered most of the hijacked chemicals, but it could be that the Vahzilok managed to make off with something.

I've got another problem I'm hoping you can solve.

Rescue the physicians from the Vahzilok Edit


Vahzilok's zombies attacked a conference over at the hospital a few hours ago and kidnapped several of the attending physicians. One of the hostages managed to get a call out on his cell phone. I need you to rescue those physicians from the Vahzilok. I have grave fears about this. The office raid, the chemical hijacking, and now this attack on The hospital. It's clear that the Vahzilok are up to no good.

Make certain none of the hostages are harmed.

Mission Objective(s)

Notes from the conference are scattered here and there, marked by the dark, odorous footprints of the undead.

  • Rescue the physicians
    • 3 hostages remaining

Physician conversation
One of the doctors you rescued told you:

'You know, people warned me about this city when I came here for the conference, but I never believed them. Thank you for saving me! I have to tell you, I think they were after me in particular. They kept asking me about the new drug I've been testing; it reduces the likelihood of the body rejecting an organ transplant. I hope this information helps.

Notable NPCs

  • 3 Hostages (Hostages)


Badge villain vahzilok Vahzilok


I think I've figured this out. If I'm right, we're in real trouble.

Ok, let's add it all up. The man who died during the Vahzilok's office attack was a Paragon City Water Department employee. And there were some key chemicals missing from the hijacked shipment you recovered from the Vahzilok. I couldn't figure out what they were for, until you told me about the doctor you rescued. He was working on an experimental drug to prevent tissue rejection, right? Well, these missing chemicals are just what the Vahzilok need to manufacture that drug. You know what I think?

Combat the Vahzilok rampage Edit


Based on the clues you've recovered, I'll bet the Vahzilok are trying to dose the Paragon City water supply with an experimental drug. I think it will lower our resistance to implants, making it easier for Vahzilok to turn any Paragon citizen into a zombie! I heard that one of Vahzilok's lieutenants called Slaughter ordered an increase in their attacks. I think he's trying to obscure their true motives. I need you to combat the Vahzilok rampage. See if you can pick up any more information.

Look in Perez Park or Kings Row for Vahzilok.

V archetypeicon stalker Ambush!

After accepting the mission you will be ambushed by a wave of Vahzilok zombies

Mission Objective(s)

  • Combat the Vahzilok rampage
    • Defeat 10 Vahzilok

You found a tattered map.


Badge villain vahzilok Vahzilok

Tattered map
This map is worn, but it looks like it might show a portion of the Paragon City sewers. It will require expert analysis.


One of the Vahzilok dropped this map? Looks like it might show part of the sewer system. If I'm right, and the Vahzilok are trying to drug the water supply, you may have just found the clue we need to turn their plan on ear.

We need to have this map examined by an expert.

Take the map to the city representative Edit


I'll bet anything this map you found has something to do with the Vahzilok's plan to drug the water supply. I need you to take the map to the city representative. She can tell us exactly what part of the sewer it references.

Watch your back. The Vahzilok may be aware you found this.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Take map to city representative


Hmm, yes, you took this map off a Vahzilok you say? I'll get this to someone in the city planner's office at once.


I'm glad you're back. I just heard from the city planner's office. That map marks the location of the purification system. I'm right, I know I am! The Vahzilok plan to drug all of Paragon City's water!

I think the purifiers would eliminate this drug, so Slaughter must plan to bypass them in order to introduce the drug to the system.

Stop Trepanator from drugging the water Edit


According to the city planner, this map you found marks the location of the water purification system over in Kings Row. If Trepanator manages to introduce his drug to the water there, it'll be bad news for everyone with a faucet. You've got to stop Trepanator from drugging the water. If you hurry, lives can still be saved.

The Vahzilok will have their drug stored at several strategic positions. You need to destroy it before they can release it into the water system.

Sewer map
This sewer map marks the location of the water purification system. It is there that the Vahzilok will try to introduce their drug to the city's water supply.
Object Vahzilok drugs 01

Vahzilok drugs

Mission Objective(s)

Right now, families are washing dishes and bathing children, unaware that you are the only thing standing between their water and the Vahzilok's strange drug.

You have stopped the Vahzilok plan to poison the city.

Notable NPCs


Badge villain vahzilok Vahzilok


You destroyed those chemicals just in time!

Well, we stopped them. If I'm right, that Vahzilok drug would have impaired the immune system of every person in this city. It would have been easier for Vahzilok to transform people into zombies, since his victims would have a much lower chance of rejecting the tissue grafts.

It also would have made us less likely to fight off infections and viruses. Before long,the hospital wards would be full of people dying from flu or the common cold! Thank you so much; yo've done this city a great service.

Store Edit

  • Inspirations
  • Level 10 Training Enhancements (?% base costs)

Missions Edit

Hit the streets, defeat Vahzilok and come up with a good story Edit


This Vahzilok threat is becoming a media nightmare. I've got reporters everywhere looking to do human interest pieces on them for the late editions. They want an account from someone who has personally fought these zombies and lived to tell the tale. Would you be willing to handle this assignment? I just need you to go out and defeat a few Vahzilok and summarize the experience for a print interview. Pretty easy stuff.

You should look for Vahzilok in Kings Row or Perez Park. Those areas are overrun. Steel Canyon has had issues with them as well.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Work on Newspaper Article
    • Defeat 10 Vahzilok

You feel you have enough material for a good story now.

Your Report
You do your best to make fighting the zombie Vahzilok exciting, and not something you do every day. It's a passable piece, should do well once it has some editing.


Wow, this is great stuff! Sometimes I wish I was a hero so I could have adventures half as cool as this.

Save Matthew Montrose from the Vahzilok Edit


Matthew Montrose, a brilliant ER surgeon, has been kidnapped. We think he's been taken to an abandoned office. It'll be dangerous, but I need you to save Matthew Montrose from the Vahzilok.

I marked the entrance to the office on your map. I don't know what the Vahzilok want with a surgeon like Matthew Montrose, but it can't be good.

Mission Objective(s)

The damp, mildewed carpet squishes beneath your feet. It bears a thick trail, the mark of a helpless human form being dragged.

  • Save surgeon from Vahzilok
    • Help surgeon find organs

You rescued the surgeon.


  • The name of the surgeon to be rescued can vary. Possible names include Anthony Barton, John Gray, Matthew Montrose and Raymond Callahan.

Notable NPCs


Badge villain vahzilok Vahzilok


Matthew Montrose said those organs were the remains of fallen heroes. Apparently Vahzilok has some sort of pipeline to the hospital, which he's using to siphon off the best donated organs for his own dark purposes. The way Matthew Montrose described Dr. Vahzilok's experiments, they seem nothing short of brilliant. If only he would confine himself to legal experiments, his brilliance could be a great boon to mankind.

Go to Steel Canyon and stop the Vahzilok Lab Raids Edit


The neighborhood watch in Steel Canyon is reporting a serious problem with the Vahzilok. The zombies have been breaking into labs and making off with all the medical equipment. Sometimes they even take a technician! You've got to get to Steel Canyon and stop the Vahzilok lab raids. I don't know what the Vahzilok plan to do with that equipment, but it can only mean more tragedy for Paragon City.

I'd recommend getting to work in Blyde Square or the Copper District.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Combat Vahzilok in Steel Canyon
    • Defeat 10 Vahzilok

You have stopped the Vahzilok lab raids.


Thanks. The Vahzilok will think long and hard before raiding any more labs.

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