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UI Mission

Mission Window

The Mission Window may be opened either by clicking on "Mission" in the Nav Window or selecting "Mission" from the Menu Window.

In this window, you can view a brief description of all of the missions you have agreed to undertake. At the top of your list of missions you will see your character's name on the left and current notoriety setting on the right. In each description you will see the mission's primary objective in the upper left, location in the upper right, and the first couple of lines from your contact's briefing.

If you click on a mission in this window, it will highlight the mission's entry and a "more..." button will appear in the entry's lower right corner. Click the "more..." button to view the mission's information in full detail. You will be able to view the initial mission briefing, see any progress made so far, and see if you have found any clues.

Selecting any mission in this list will set it as your current waypoint if you are located the same zone as the mission entrance is located.

When you join a team, this window will show you all of the missions any team members in the same zone currently have and will allow you to see each member's notoriety setting. If you are your team's leader, you may select a mission for your team by selecting a mission's description and clicking the "Select Mission" button at the bottom of the Mission Window. This will set the active task and set the mission's entrance as a waypoint for all of your team's members.

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