Overview Edit


The Bookie

The Bookie is the man who has been doctoring the account books and diverting money from the Golden Giza. Now Johnny Sonata wants his money back, along with the man who stole it. He works for the Family (at least apparently) and can be found on the Teach the Family emblezzers a lesson mission from Basse Croupier.

The Bookie has almost the same hit points as a Lieutenant of the same level and no attacks at all.

Information Edit

This hapless citizen is in over his head.

Dialogs Edit

Just before you capture him, he will be talking with his Family bodyguards:

The Bookie: You guys gotta protect me!
Marcone Minion: You're way too paranoid.


Marcone Minion: Or maybe you ain't paranoid enough!
The Bookie: It's Villain! We're all gonna die!
The Bookie: If Villain finds out about you-know-who we're all dead!

After being captured:

The Bookie: It don't matter none! I'm dead already, I tell ya! I'm dead!

Finally, at the mission exit:

The Bookie: I'll tell'em what they want, but ya gotta get them ta protect me! Nemesis will kill me for sure!

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