Tech Specialists?

Overview Edit

The Tech Specialist? is a captive Rikti scientist of Captive Technician? faction in need of rescue. Two of them (along with a third non-escort version) can be found on the Recover exotic technology specialists mission from Kelly Uqua.

Once freed from their captors, they must be escorted to the entrance of the mission. Three waves of Arachnos will attack you on the way to the entrance. As Captives, they are unaffected by enemy damage.

Quotes Edit

During the Recover exotic technology specialists mission the two Tech Specialists? can be found captured by Arachnos. The following dialogues are different for each one.

Tech Specialist? 1:

Before combat:
Random Arachnos 1: "Prisoner Transfer from cellblock 1138."
Combat start:
Random Arachnos 1: "Your presence here marks you as an enemy, CharacterName!"
Tech Specialist?: "Request Assistance: CharacterName"
Random Arachnos 2: "There will be no escape."
Upon rescue:
"Assistance: Required."
"Travel: Base Exit"
If lost: "Guidance: Lost"
If refound: "Repeat Request: Base Exit"
If recaptured: "Movement Restrained: Arachnos"
Upon reaching entrance: No text given

Tech Specialist? 2:

Before combat:
Random Arachnos 3: "Why are we even keeping these things alive?"
Combat start:
Random Arachnos 3: "I've been waiting to kill something all day."
Tech Specialist?: "CharacterName: Provide Escape"
Random Arachnos 4: "No escape for the enemies of Arachnos!"
Upon rescue: "Require Transit: Base Exit"
If lost: "Require proximity: CharacterName"
If refound: "Imperative: Exit Base"
If recaptured: "Acknowledge capture: Arachnos"
Upon reaching entrance: No text given

Information Edit

It looks like Kelly Uqua's captured technicians are a little more exotic than you expected. Still, a job's a job.

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