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A Team, also known as a Group, is composed of 1-8 players. These players share in rewards from defeats and missions.

Rules Edit

  • Experience/Influence/Prestige gain
    1. Rewards from mobs defeated is always relative to a character's combat level
    2. Rewards from individual npcs defeated will be lower than if a player defeated that npc solo. npcs can be defeated faster by multiple players and balances this out.
    3. Players must be in range level wise.
      • No more than 9 levels below the highest player's combat level.
      • No more than 2 levels below the team's combat level average.
      • General rule of thumb: no more than 5 level spread.
    4. Players must be in range distance wise.
      • For city/hazard zones, this range is ???.
      • Instance missions, anywhere in the mission.
    5. 30 second lag
      • Whenever sidekick situation changes, or someone joins who changes the level ranges, there is a 30 second lag where the old rules apply. This is loosely enforced and is only a generalization.
  • Reputation
    1. Reputation from PvP defeats in PvP zones is spread evenly between teammates in range (distance, not level(everyone is the same level in PvP zones)).


Team (Slash Command)

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