/Target_Name <string>

Change your current target to any entity matching name specified. This command was added in Issue 7.

Target_Name will target any enemy, player or object which has parameter specified in <string> as its name or even as part of its name, as long as it is within targeting range and within your field of view.

Some examples of use are:

  • To help in badge hunting (i.e /Target_Name Spirit will target Spirit of Death, Spirit of Desire, Spirit of Pain, or Spirit of Sorrow if you are hunting Banished Pantheon spirit masks).
  • Hamidon raids (i.e /Target_Name <name of the targeter> to keep track of the targeter, or /Target_Name Singularity to find a pet to target off of).
  • Finding glowies (i.e /Target_Name Bomb if you're trying to find a bomb glowie, as long as bomb is part of its name).
  • To quickly target a specific player who may not be on your team.

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