Badge villain freakshow


You have proved your worth on the streets, and the Freakshow have learned to fear your name.

How to Get

Defeat 100 Freakshow tanks.

Other Badges

Hero Accolade Requirement

Badge phalanx set 01 Freedom Phalanx Reserve Member Badge        

Gladiator Unlocked

When you obtain this badge, you will unlock the Tank Smasher Gladiator badge.


  • For everyone on the heroes side, the best place to farm these is in the Terra Volta zone up by the reactor
  • This is one of the badges needed to unlock Viridian as a contact for villains level 45-50.
  • A good place to hunt this on the villain side is in Sharkhead. In the very North West corner of the map, right next to the Freak of Nature exploration badge (1227, 90, -2183). Look along the West, North, and East shores of that area. Some also inside the Freakshow complex.

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