Here are a couple of Constellation's posts that were accidentally deleted from the official forums.

The official thread has been deleted, but I found a quote about the Civic Squad from the developer, Constellation in Google's Cache. - Snorii 08:00, 10 July 2006 (PDT)


 Sometimes, due to the vagaries of scheduling, one ends up with a bit too much time... But when one
is writing something as dark as Phipps, it helps to put in a few upbeat things.
 And actually there are a total of eight of them, if you come in with a large enough team.

And a later repy to Lady_Sadako.

Lady Sadako

 If you wrote Phipps, then even more kudos is in order. Those arcs (in my experience and opinion)
are the best written in the whole game so far, especially the teacher story.
How COULD you put that in and then not let us change sides? I was ready to quit villainy for good
after that!


 Thank you for your kind words. I was one of three writers on CoV, and I've also done a lot in CoH.
I'm glad that the emotional impact of Westin Phipps got across.
 Westin Phipps was an attempt to highlight the lowest and most deplorable aspects of evil. He's not
the same kind of power-mad villainy of Lord Recluse, with all of it's bold imagery and
claims of building a new future. But Phipps is the type of small, petty, vicious, soul-crushing
person vital to making such larger villainies exist. Part of the reason he offends some
sensibilites is because his evil is so close and personal. Writing for him was at once
invigorating and draining, and very different from someone like Vernon von Grun. If Vernon's plans
had succeeded, he would have killed far more people. But the delight Phipps takes in
each person's downfall or destruction makes him disturbing. Heck, after I wrote the line about the
daughters I had to spend time figuring out if I really wanted to put that into the game.
 A minor theme throughout CoV is the different portrayals of evil. From Mu'Drakhan's elitism and 
machinations, to the comic-book hyperactive mad science of Vernon von Grun, the pure utility
of ruthlessness Maros and Tarkoss both exploit, and the alien madness that is Television and
the Radio. Phipps has his place in this spectrum, and when I saw the thread wondering if he
was "too evil", I knew I'd done my job.

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