T3h R1k70-Fr34k

t3h R1k70-Fr34k

Overview Edit

t3h R1k70-Fr34k is a boss for Freakshow.

Villains can find him on the Find out who's modifying the Freakshow mission from Kelly Uqua.

Information Edit

Some Freakshow will try anything for a thrill, even using Rikti weapons. Some go even farther, and integrate alien Rikti technology into their cybernetic prostheses.

Quotes Edit

During the mission Find out who is modifying the Freakshow, from Kelly Uqua:

Before combat: "0nc3 m0r3 1 r3tRuN, Cr34t3d 4n3w 4s t3h R1K70-Fr34K!!1!LOLOMGWTFBBQ!"
(Translation: "Once more I return, created anew as the RiktiFreak!!")

Combat start: "1t's n0t1hng Pw3rs0nn4l but I c4n'7 w4yT t0 t3s7 0u7 t3h p0w4r 0f m n3w bodi!"
(Translation: "It's nothing personal but I can't wait to test out the power of my new body!")

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