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Support Partial Radial Graft is a power in the Hybrid power set.


Incarnate Hybrid Support Rare
Support Partial Radial Graft
Toggle: +Damage, +Accuracy, +Defense
While toggled on, this power provides a small boost in Damage, Accuracy, and Defense(Melee, AoE, Smashing, Lethal, Energy, Negative, Fire, Cold) to all leaguemates within a 50 foot radius. Up to five Support Hybrid powers can stack on a single target at any given time. Equipping this Hybrid power grants a passive boost to Endurance Discount at all times. ChallengeStat no enhance

Type: limited duration toggle, 120 seconds
Cast: 0 seconds
Tick: 0 endurance every 10 seconds
Recharge: 120 seconds, unmodifiable
Affects: league and self, 80' radius, autohit

E color damage +8% damage buff on target MapIcon SF01 ChallengeStat no enhance SonicDebuff DebuffDamRes
E color buff defense +8% smashing, lethal, fire, cold, energy, negative, melee, and aoe defense on target MapIcon SF01 Incarnate Alpha Blank SonicDebuff DebuffDamRes
E color accuracy +8% accuracy on target MapIcon SF01 Incarnate Alpha Blank SonicDebuff DebuffDamRes

Type: passive
Affects: self, autohit

E color end discount +7.5% endurance discount MapIcon SF01 ChallengeStat no enhance SonicDebuff DebuffDamRes
Crafting recipe:
Incarnate Hybrid Support Uncommon Salvage mediation techniques Salvage enchanted sand Salvage exotic isotope 


Support Partial Radial Graft is used as a component in the following recipes:

Incarnate Hybrid Support Rare Incarnate Hybrid Support Rare Salvage GenomicAnalysis Salvage BiomorphicGoo Salvage self evoling alloy  EnhncComb equals  Incarnate Hybrid Support VeryRare
Incarnate Hybrid Support Rare Incarnate Hybrid Support Rare Salvage BiomorphicGoo Salvage enchanted sand Salvage thaumic resonator  EnhncComb equals  Incarnate Hybrid Support VeryRare


Support Partial Radial Graft was added in Issue 23: Where Shadows Lie.

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