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Super Pack: Heroes and Villains is a piece of special salvage. Right-clicking the salvage in the salvage window, then selecting "Open", redeems the super pack for five random rewards. There is also an option to open super packs automatically when claimed as character items, "Hide Open Salvage Warning".

Tier 9 VIPs can redeem one reward token in the Paragon Rewards screen for five super packs. This is a repeatable reward.

One super pack can be purchased on the Paragon Market for 80 Paragon Points. A bundle of twelve super packs can be purchased for 840 Paragon Points. A bundle of twenty-four super packs can be purchased for 1440 Paragon Points.

Rarity distributionEdit

Each super pack contains five random reward rolls. The first two rolls are from the common table. The tables for the three remaining rolls are determined randomly:

common, uncommon, rare (0.5%)
common, uncommon, very rare (4%)
common, rare, rare (4%)
common, rare, very rare (12.5%)
uncommon, uncommon, rare (4%)
uncommon, uncommon, very rare (12.5%)
uncommon, rare, rare (12.5%)
uncommon, rare, very rare (50%)

On average, each super pack will contain about 2.21 common rolls, 1 uncommon roll, 1 rare roll, and 0.79 very rare rolls.

No reward can be given twice in the same super pack. Any duplicated rolls are rerolled on the same table. Rewards from different rarities, for example, an uncommon 2 Enhancement Unslotter reward and a rare 3 Enhancement Unslotter reward, are possible in the same super pack.

The Elemental Order costume pieces and the Black Wolf vanity pet are account wide rewards, and can only be awarded once each. Once awarded, any rolls that would award an Elemental Order costume piece or Black Wolf again are rerolled on the same table.

Common rollsEdit

1/2052.67% Rejuvenate medium dual inspiration
2/2052.67% Guarded medium dual inspiration
3/2052.67% Tactical medium dual inspiration
4/2050.86% Luck Imbuement medium team inspiration
5/2050.86% Sturdy Imbuement medium team inspiration
6/2050.86% Insight Imbuement medium team inspiration
7/2050.86% Endurance Imbuement medium team inspiration
8/2050.86% Health Imbuement medium team inspiration
9/2050.86% Rage Imbuement medium team inspiration
10/2050.86% Protection Imbuement medium team inspiration
11/2051.33% Rejuvenating Imbuement medium team dual inspiration
12/2051.33% Guarding Imbuement medium team dual inspiration
13/2051.33% Tactical Imbuement medium team dual inspiration
14/2052.33% Protected large dual inspiration
15/2052.33% Invigorate large dual inspiration
16/2052.33% Precise large dual inspiration
17/2050.71% Good Luck Imbuement large team inspiration
18/2050.71% Rugged Imbuement large team inspiration
19/2050.71% Keen Insight Imbuement large team inspiration
20/2050.71% Greater Endurance Imbuement large team inspiration
24/2051.00% Invigorating Imbuement large team dual inspiration
25/2051.00% Protecting Imbuement large team dual inspiration
26/2051.00% Precise Imbuement large team dual inspiration
27/2055.00%Salvage Unslotter1 Enhancement Unslotter
28/2056.00%Salvage EnhancementBooster2 Enhancement Boosters
29/2058.00% 1 charge of Revival
30/2058.00% 1 charge of Restore
31/2055.00% 1 charge of Experienced
32/2053.00% 1 charge of Prestige Booster
33/20512.00%E ICON MeritToken25 Reward Merits

Uncommon rollsEdit

36/2056.00%Salvage Unslotter2 Enhancement Unslotters
37/2056.00%Salvage EnhancementBooster5 Enhancement Boosters
38/2058.00% 2 charges of Revival
39/2058.00% 2 charges of Restore
40/2056.00% 2 charges of Experienced
41/2056.00% 1 Windfall character item
42/20513.00%E ICON MeritToken50 Reward Merits
43/2058.00% 1 XP Booster character item

Rare rollsEdit

47/2057.00%Salvage Unslotter3 Enhancement Unslotters
48/2059.00%Salvage EnhancementBooster8 Enhancement Boosters
49/2059.00% 3 charges of Experienced
50/2059.00% 2 Windfall character items
51/2059.00% 2 XP Booster character items
52/20511.00%E ICON MeritToken75 Reward Merits
56/2050.14%Blaster's Wrath attunedBlaster's Wrath: Accuracy/Damage
68/2050.14%Defender's Bastion attunedDefender's Bastion: Accuracy/Damage
86/2050.14%Kheldian's Grace attunedKheldian's Grace: Accuracy/Damage
87/2050.14%Kheldian's Grace attunedKheldian's Grace: Damage/Recharge
89/2050.14%Kheldian's Grace attunedKheldian's Grace: Damage/Endurance/Recharge
90/2050.14%Kheldian's Grace attunedKheldian's Grace: Accuracy/Damage/Endurance/Recharge
92/2050.14%Brute's Fury attunedBrute's Fury: Accuracy/Damage
116/2050.14%Stalker's Guile attunedStalker's Guile: Accuracy/Damage
122/2050.14%Dominion of Arachnos attunedDominion of Arachnos: Accuracy/Damage
124/2050.14%Dominion of Arachnos attunedDominion of Arachnos: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge

Very rare rollsEdit

128/20514.11%E ICON MeritToken100 Reward Merits
129/2058.11%Salvage EnhancementCatalyst1 Enhancement Catalyst
136/2050.49%Blaster's Wrath attunedBlaster's Wrath: Accuracy/Damage/Endurance
138/2050.49%Blaster's Wrath attunedBlaster's Wrath: Recharge/Chance for Fire Damage
143/2050.49%Will of the Controller attunedWill of the Controller: Accuracy/Control Duration/Endurance/Recharge
144/2050.49%Will of the Controller attunedWill of the Controller: Recharge/Chance for Psionic Damage
145/2050.49%Defender's Bastion attunedDefender's Bastion: Accuracy/Damage
147/2050.49%Defender's Bastion attunedDefender's Bastion: Damage/Endurance/Recharge
148/2050.49%Defender's Bastion attunedDefender's Bastion: Accuracy/Damage/Endurance
149/2050.49%Defender's Bastion attunedDefender's Bastion: Accuracy/Damage/Endurance/Recharge
150/2050.49%Defender's Bastion attunedDefender's Bastion: Recharge/Chance for Minor PBAoE Heal
156/2050.49%Scrapper's Strike attunedScrapper's Strike: Recharge/Critical Hit Bonus
157/2050.49%Might of the Tanker attunedMight of the Tanker: Accuracy/Damage
166/2050.49%Kheldian's Grace attunedKheldian's Grace: Damage/Endurance/Recharge
168/2050.49%Kheldian's Grace attunedKheldian's Grace: Recharge/Form Empowerment
172/2050.49%Brute's Fury attunedBrute's Fury: Damage/Endurance/Recharge
174/2050.49%Brute's Fury attunedBrute's Fury: Recharge/Fury Bonus
177/2050.49%Malice of the Corruptor attunedMalice of the Corruptor: Accuracy/Damage/Recharge
178/2050.49%Malice of the Corruptor attunedMalice of the Corruptor: Damage/Endurance/Recharge
183/2050.49%Ascendency of the Dominator attunedAscendency of the Dominator: Endurance/Recharge
187/2050.49%Command of the Mastermind attunedCommand of the Mastermind: Accuracy/Damage
188/2050.49%Command of the Mastermind attunedCommand of the Mastermind: Damage/Endurance
190/2050.49%Command of the Mastermind attunedCommand of the Mastermind: Damage/Endurance/Recharge
191/2050.49%Command of the Mastermind attunedCommand of the Mastermind: Accuracy/Damage/Endurance/Recharge
204/2050.49%Dominion of Arachnos attunedDominion of Arachnos: Recharge/Chance for -Dmg and Terrorize

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