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Coh magic pack


City of Heroes® Super Booster II: Magic includes two new costume sets, four costume change emotes, five magic themed emotes, and the Inherent Power, Mystic Fortune. This purchase enables these features for all characters on the game account. It is available in the NC Store for $9.99.


/e CardTrick
/e MagicCards
/e Juggle
/e JuggleBalls
/e JuggleElectricity
/e JuggleFire
/e JuggleMagic
/cce # CCLightning - costume change - lightning where # is the costume number
/cce # CCCast - costume change - cast where # is the costume number
/cce # CCPrestoChango - costume change - magic cloud where # is the costume number
/cce # CCSpin - costume change - Wonder Woman-style spin where # is the costume number

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