This article is about the Speed power pool. For information on movement speed, see Limits or Travel Powers.

Overview Edit

Speed is one of the powersets. It is one of the sets of Power Pools available to all heroes and villains. These powers allow you to commit great feats of speed. Most notably Super Speed, one of the four main Travel Powers.

Power Table Edit

The following table shows which powers are available and at what level:

Power Level Effect
SuperSpeed Flurry Flurry 6 Moderate Damage (Smashing) Foe Disorient (minor)
SuperSpeed AcceleratedCombat Hasten 6 Self +Recharge
SuperSpeed SuperSpeed Super Speed 14 Toggle: Self +Speed (Minor Stealth)
SuperSpeed Whirlwind Whirlwind 20 Toggle: PBAoE, Foe Knockback

Powers Edit

The following are powers in the Speed powerset.

SuperSpeed Flurry Flurry Edit

Unleashes a super fast Flurry of punches to pummel your foe. Flurry is so dizzying that it has a chance to Disorient the target.

Damage Moderate (Smashing)
Recharge Fast
Minimum Level 6
Effects Foe Disorient (Minor, short duration)
Enhancements TO Training Damage Enhance Damage
TO Training Disorient Duration Enhance Disorient Duration
TO Training Endurance Cost Reduce Endurance Cost
TO Training Attack Rate Increase Attack Rate
TO Training Accuracy Enhance Accuracy
Set Categories IO Damage Melee Damage

SuperSpeed AcceleratedCombat Hasten Edit

You can reduce the recharge time of all powers for 2 minutes. Although Hasten does not cost any Endurance to activate, you can tire easily since your Endurance does not recover more rapidly. After Hasten wears off, you become tired and will lose some Endurance.

Recharge Slow
Minimum Level 6
Effects Self +Recharge
Enhancements TO Training Attack Rate Increase Attack Rate
Set Categories None

SuperSpeed SuperSpeed Super Speed Edit

You can run at super-human speeds! While running at such speeds, you are a blur, and many foes will not even notice you as you speed past them. If you attack a target while this power is on, you will temporarily be slowed to normal speed. You must be at least level 14 and have Flurry or Hasten before selecting Super Speed.

Recharge Very Fast
Minimum Level 14
Effects Toggle: Self +Speed
Stealth (Minor)
Enhancements TO Training Endurance Cost Reduce Endurance Cost
TO Training Running Speed Enhance Running Speed
Set Categories IO Run Running

SuperSpeed Whirlwind Whirlwind Edit

You spin around at an amazing speed to create a Whirlwind around yourself. Any foes that enter this Whirlwind will be tossed into the air. You must be at least level 20 and have two other Speed Powers before selecting Whirlwind.

Recharge Moderate
Minimum Level 20
Effects Toggle: PBAoE, Foe Knockback
Enhancements TO Training Endurance Cost Reduce Endurance Cost
TO Training Attack Rate Increase Attack Rate
TO Training KnockBack Distance Enhance Knockback Distance
Set Categories IO Damage PBAoE Damage
IO Knockback Knockback

External Links Edit

Speed (Hero skin/Villain skin) at

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