Skulls girlfriends

The Skulls girlfiends are a couple of NPCs who are always near some groups of Skulls in Kings Row. They come in a great variety of models, they have no attacks at all, and they can't be affected in any way. They talk among themselves all the time, and will flee at the slighest sign of trouble.

When talking among them, they say the following:

  • So, like, yeah, do I look fat in this?
  • Don't we look so good with these guys? I mean, seriously!
  • I dunno. Kings Row is totally okay and all, but I kind of liked Atlas Park. It was shiny.
  • So which one of these guys is yours? There's mine. Isn't he cute?
  • So maybe you wanna go get some sodas later? I'm pretty sure my guy has some cars to blow up later.
  • Oh, no. I put my foot down. I said: "Look, I don't mind you busting into places, just don't bust into our own appartment building." He said Ok.

If the nearby Skulls are attacked, they will run away saying:

  • I'm so out of here!
  • It's just not working out!
  • You're so high maintenance!
  • This was no part of the arrangement!
  • You never said anything about danger!
  • This is ridiculous! My hair is messed up now! I'm gone!

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