Overview Edit

Ski Chalet 01

The Ski Chalet

The Ski Chalet is a seasonal area in Pocket D. It is typically only accessible during special events. It was introduced during Winter Event 2006.

When in season, the Chalet is located to the west of the dance floor, and it can be seen through the dance floor's windows. When not in season, the Chalet area mysteriously vanishes.

The Chalet is located on a floating island reminiscent of the floating islands in the Shadow Shard. Father Time can sometimes be found in one of the Chalet's upper levels. The island itself has many snow-covered slopes that a visitor can "ski" down. There are gravity geysers located throughout the island that allow characters to get back up to the top without travel powers. As in the Shadow Shard, characters who fall off the side of the island will be magically teleported back to safety.

The Chalet area is outside of Pocket D's dampening fields, which means that teleportation is possible. However, the area is still under DJ Zero's purview, so Heroes and Villains must remain on nonviolent terms.

The floating truck outside of Pocket D's west windows is accessible from the Chalet area. Visitors to the truck will be granted the Trucker Badge. Characters can reach the truck by using flight, superjump, teleportation, or the GvE Jump Pack.

The entrance to the Chalet is a small door found in a rocky outcropping located in the upstairs of the Villain side of Pocket D. The outcropping is easily recognized by the snowdrifts and evergreen trees surrounding it. When in season, the doorway will lead to the Chalet. When not in season, visitors will find the door locked with a small sign on the handle that reads "Closed for the Off-Season".

Events Edit

The Chalet has been open during the following events.

Winter Event 2006
The Chalet debuted during the Winter Event 2006. During the event, Father Time used the Chalet to network with heroes and villains in hopes that they could help him by rescuing Baby New Year.
Third Anniversary Event (Training Room only)
During the Third Anniversary Event's opening dance party, Lighthouse opened the Chalet on the Test Server. The slopes were later populated with a variety of Giant Monsters, including Winter Lords, Kronos Class Titans, and Eochais.
Winter Event 2007
The Chalet re-opened for the Winter Event 2007.

The Devs have also been known to open the Chalet up during unofficial player events on occasion.

Badges Edit

Badge tourist 01 Trucker

You've visited the floating truck in Pocket D.

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