Overview Edit

Sela Vermont
Wedding Coordinator
Zone Atlas Park
Coordinates (83, 15.9, -253)
Level Range 1-50
Introduced by None
Introduces None
Enemy groups V badge ArachnosBadge Arachnos

Sela Vermont is a City of Heroes contact that was located in Atlas Park during the Valentine's Day Event 2008. She was a special contact that was only available during the event beginning on February 14th, and ending February 28nd. This contact's coordinates were (83, 15.9, -253)

Introductions Edit

Contact Introduced By Edit

  • None. Sela Vermont starts assigning missions immediately to all heroes.

Information Edit

Wedding Coordinator

Sela was hired by Manticore and Sister Psyche to be the wedding coordinator. She's a bit flakey, but her eye for flair is impeccable.

Initial Contact Edit

You look pretty capable... Maybe you can help?

Missions Edit

Recover the Wedding Gifts for Manticore and Sister Psyche Edit


Omigosh! It... It's horrible! Some mean villain has gone and stolen the wedding gifts that were for Manticore and Sister Psyche! Can you believe that? Is that just not the MEANEST thing you have ever heard of? I mean usually these villains are all about the murder and the mayhem, but stealing wedding gifts? That's an all-time low! Word has it that Arachnos has them locked up in a warehouse in Atlas Park, will you be the true hero we all know you are and get them back? Manticore and Sister Psyche needn't even know they were gone if you get this done fast enough.

Mission Acceptance

That's great, I knew you were the right hero for the job!

Unnecessary Solicitation

Oh man oh man, you don't have those gifts yet do you? What are you waiting for?

Mission Objective(s)

Arachnos in Atlas Park, this must be the place.

  • Recover gifts.
    • 7 Gifts remaining

Primary Enemies

V badge ArachnosBadge Arachnos

Icon clue generic
Gag Gas Arrow
Uh, this must be left over from Sister Psyche's bachelorette party.
Icon clue generic
Two Tickets
Two tickets to the Armstrong Moonbase via the Gagarin Space Station, along with hotel reservations at the honeymoon suite. The tag says 'From Back Alley Brawler'.
Icon clue generic
Picture Frame
A nice silver picture frame. The tag says 'From Lady Gray'.
Icon clue generic
Matched Crystals
A pair of perfectly matched meditation crystals. The tag says 'From War Witch'.
Icon clue generic
Bottle of Wine
From the 'Three Sisters' winery. The tag says 'From Marcus'.
Icon clue generic
High Tech Blender
It has 16 settings, including one for transwarp blending. The tag says 'From Positron'.
Icon clue generic
If this is Sister Psyche's wedding night garb, Manticore is a lucky guy. The tag says 'From Synapse'.


Thankyou thankyou thankyou! You did a wonderful job, and now, maybe I can keep my job.

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