Overview Edit

The Secure Generator Room Room is the sixth Energy Room a Group can purchase out of the eight (8) Energy Room sizes available.

The Secure Generator Room Room measures 4x5 grids and has a cost of 4,900,000 Prestige.

Defensive Base Items can be placed in this room.

Note: Although the room is capable of holding two (2) Energy-producing Base Items; Hidden Base Plots will only allow energy to be draw from one (1) main Energy Base Item. Fully utilizing two (2) main Energy Base Items requires a Secure Base Plot.

Details Edit

Category ENERGY
Title Secure Generator Room
Description This room can house the largest Energy items. Moderate defensive items can be placed here as well.
Price 4 900 000
Dimensions 4x5
Defense 4
Defense Aux Unlimited
Energy 2
Energy Aux Unlimited
Storage 1
Anchor 1
Decorative Unlimited

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