Slash CommandEdit

/search options

Aliases: sea

Opens the 'Find Member' window with the specified options. If no options specified, then opens 'Find Member' window with characters found in zone.

options is optional and can include any of the following:

  • +zone_name
  • +level(range)
    • +20 - characters level 20 and up
    • +20-30 - characters between 20 and 30
  • +archetype
  • +origin
    • +natural - only natural origin characters


/search +15-25 +Faultline +Striga Island +Tanker
Any 15-25 Tankers in Fautline and Striga will show up when the window opens.


  • You cannot search across factions; heroes can't search for villains and vice-versa.
  • You cannot search for characters who have used the /hide_search or /hide_all functions.

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