This article is about the Sands of Mu Temporary Power. For Veteran Rewards Sands of Mu, see Veteran Reward Powers.

Temporary SandsOfMu


You recovered this strange black sand from the Circle of Thorns hideout. While carrying it, you have the ability to deal a flurry of punches charged with the Negative Energy of the Netherworld. The sands must be returned to the MAGI vault within 24 hours

How to Get

To obtain this temporary power click on the Urn glowy in the Investigate the lost city of Oranbega mission from Laura Brunetti or Miriam Bloechl.

Power Summary

Duration 24 hours of in-game time
Effects Melee (Cone)
High Damage over time (50% Smashing/50% Negative)
Foe -Accuracy

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