Sakai Tamaki

Overview Edit

Sakai Tamaki is a City of Villains contact located in Breakout at coordinates (-2,506, -13, 23). His level range is 1-4.

Introductions Edit

Contact Introduced By Edit

New Contact(s) Edit

You've made it this far, so it's time to leave. Go to the Arachnos Pilot at the far end of the Yard. He has a Flyer waiting for your exit.

Information Edit

The Tsoo's Inside Man

The Tsoo have their hands in most everything that goes on in Paragon City. Tub Ci, the leader of the Tsoo, even likes to control the prison population (as much as you can control a psychotic bunch of ex-super powered criminals). His inside man is Sakai Tamaki. Tamaki uses his ninja training to slip out of, and back into, the Ziggurat, giving Tub Ci the latest gossip and making sure that Tub Ci's orders are followed through on the inside. Tamaki's current orders from Tub Ci are to see that the people Arachnos has selected make it out of the Ziggurat alive.

Introduction Edit

Lord Recluse, the most glorious leader of Arachnos, thinks that you may be a predestined soul. His Fortunata, Kalinda, has seen that you may well be one of those who can lead Arachnos to eventual victory over the heroes of Paragon City. We'll see about that. From what I hear, you still have a lot to learn, and even Kalinda isn't sure exactly who her prophecy pertains to. She just knows they're here in the Zig. I've been instructed to issue you a test of your combat abilities. If you pass, then you will be escorted to Mercy Island. Then Kalinda can test you for herself.

Missions Edit

Prove Your Combat Abilities Edit


I must see your combat prowess for myself. I take it Caze explained how to use your powers, so let us put that knowledge to practical use. Go east from here, out into the Yard. Once there, defeat any two people. Thugs, guards, I do not care. When you have defeated two, return to me.

Defeat two people, I care not which ones, then return to me. You must leap over the fence in order to get into the Yard.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat Thugs/Guards
    • Defeat 2 Escaped Convicts

Return to Sakai Tamaki


Description of Experience

I hear there are those within Arachnos who think you have a bright destiny. But today, you will need to learn to use Inspirations in battle.

Description of Inspirations

Armed with this knowledge, and some powerful Inspirations, go out and defeat 2 more people in the Yard.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat Thugs/Guards
    • Defeat 2 Escaped Convicts

Return to Sakai Tamaki


I see... perhaps Lord Recluse was correct. Perhaps you are indeed one of the special people Arachnos seeks. You seem to have grasped everything I have thrown at you.

But be warned. You will have to impress those within Arachnos as well. And most of them are quite willing to stab one another in the back, so don't ever let your guard down. You'll have to prove your worth. In Arachnos, it's survival of the fittest.

I bet you want to start your new life now, so let's get you on the right path. You should seek out the Arachnos Pilot. He will spirit you away from here.

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