There are several limiting reward timers in the game. These timers prevent the same reward from being acquired from the same source on the same character within a limited period of time. The timers are:

  1. Respec Trials (Recipe): 24 hours
  2. Ms. Liberty Task Force (Recipe): 24 hours
  3. Ms. Liberty Task Force (SHO): 24 hours
  4. Lord Recluse Strike Force (Recipe): 24 hours
  5. Lord Recluse Strike Force (SHO): 24 hours
  6. Hamidon (Recipe): 24 hours
  7. Hamidon (HO): 24 hours
  8. All other Task Forces, Strike Forces, and Trials (Recipe): 3 hours (All on the same timer)

Each timer is totally independant of all others. Gaining a reward on one timer has no effect on the ability to gain any reward from any other timer.

Each timer is only for the specific reward specified. The timers do not effect any other rewards from the events, including SOs, Badges, and Respecs. These other rewards will still be rewarded as normal.

Reward timers reportedly begin at the moment that the reward selection window pops up. [Citation needed]

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