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Rage is the nickname received by a mysterious drug manufactured and distributed by the Tsoo. The drug seems to be commonly used during their parties. It seems to increase the user's energy and aggressiveness, making him ready to explode with any provocation.

A more insidious effect takes place when the drug is mixed with Superadine: combined, both drugs cause a massive cerebral imbalance that turns the user into a berserker killing machine. Nowhere is it mentioned what happens to the user when this effect wears off, or if the user even survives the effect. This part doesn't seem to be of general knowledge among users, and the crafty Tsoo could use it to poison the Superadine addicts, and especially the Trolls in their war of expansion through Paragon City.

The components of the drugs are unknown, as is its grade of addiction.


In game

Rage is mentioned during some of the Tsoo missions. It has never appeared actually in game, nor does it seem to give any of the Tsoo members any special in-game effects.

In Comic Book

So far, none.

In Novels


Other Sources (Pen and Pencil game, Trading Cards game, etc...)

So far, none.


"Recently, rumors abound of a new drug appearing at these nightly parties, something that stirs the blood and increases aggression and energy in the user. Several heroes have reported to the PPD that the drug is nicknamed “Rage,” and its users are ready to explode with any provocation. The origins of the drug are currently unknown." (1)

"The Tsoo have been manufacturing Rage lately; they're hoping it will become the new drug of choice. Let me tell you, you don't want to mix the two (Refers to Superadine + Rage). It would cause a massive chemical imbalance in the brain, turning you into a berserker killing machine" (2)

1: City of Heroes Official site: The Tsoo

2: In-Game Story Arc: The Tsoo Shenanigans

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