Overview Edit

Penny Preston
Penny Preston
Mutant Store
Zone Founders Falls
Coordinates (3870, -16, 3703)
Level Range 30-50
Introduced by None
Introduces None
Enemy groups Badge villain devouring Devouring Earth

Penny Preston is a City of Heroes contact located in the Liberty Town neighborhood of Founders' Falls at coordinates (3870, -16, 3703). Penny Preston is a Store contact.

Introductions Edit

Contact Introduced By Edit

None, will work with any hero level 30 and up.

Information Edit

Mutant Store

Penny Preston is a lot of things: straight A student, child prodigy, mutant. Penny wants to be like a normal teenager, but that is simply impossible based on how gifted she is. Her mutant power is a rare gift indeed, she has the power to unlock the potential found in other mutants. She can improve upon their natural powers by simply willing them to evolve. Doctors are astounded by this ability, and villain groups would love to get their hands on her, but so far she has stayed one step ahead of them, mostly through the help of mutant heroes she has evolved.

Initial Contact Edit

I love Heroes, and help the ones I can. I can really help mutants realize their full potential, but I need one tiny thing done first, if that's ok with you.

Store Edit

  • Level 30 Mutation Single Origin Enhancements (?% base costs)
  • Level 35 Mutation Single Origin Enhancements (?% base costs)
  • Level 40 Mutation Single Origin Enhancements (?% base costs)

Penny will buy Enhancements from anyone, but will only sell them to heroes who have completed her mission. Being teamed with another player who completes it does not count.

Missions Edit

Protect Penny from the Devouring Earth Edit


I hate to ask you a favor, but my friend, The Beacon of Liberty told me something he uncovered while he was fighting the Devouring Earth the other day. He said he uncovered a plot for them to assimil... assim... take me or something. Basically, they want to use my gifts to enhance their mutagens. Kinda sick if you ask me. Anyway, would you be willing to go kick their butts for me?

Thanks, the Beacon of Liberty told me that the Devouring Earth were holed up in a warehouse. I think if you just wipe them all out they should learn the errors of their ways.

Mission Objective(s)

This is the warehouse Penny told you the Devouring Earth were gathering their power in order to kidnap her.

  • Destroy Devouring Earth Hideout

The Devouring Earth's plan has been foiled.


Badge villain devouring Devouring Earth


Thanks. I really didn't want to be in the hands of those sick-o's

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