Niles Worthington

Niles Worthington

Overview Edit

Niles Worthington appears in a story arc assigned by Angelo Vendetti.

Description Edit

Whatever his reasons, Niles Worthington has betrayed the Vendetti family to the Council, their most hated enemies. In return, the Vendettis have put quite a price on his head.

Information Edit

Niles Worthington's enemy group is listed as Traitor. If a player attempts the mission solo, Niles will be a Lieutenant. Completing the mission to defeat him will earn a villain the Stone Cold Badge and the Mook Capo Gladiator Badge.

V badge StatureBadge2 Stone Cold

You took out a filthy traitor to the Port Oakes Vendetti Family.

Niles Worthington appears in the Deal with Niles Worthington mission assigned by Angelo Vendetti. According to Angelo, Niles spent his entire life serving the Vendetti family, and after gaining their implicit trust, betrayed them.

When a villain attacks Niles, he says that he knew the Vendettis would send a killer to defeat him. During the battle, Niles will say, "Must win. Must save my niece!" After Niles is defeated, he says, "It can't end this way. Janice, I'm sorry," and a clue is found that indicates that Niles's niece Janice had a disease, and that the Vendettis were unwilling to pay for her treatment.

Powers Edit

Niles Worthington has the following powers:

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