The Newsie in Founder's Falls

Newsies are NPCs that can be found in various places throughout Paragon City.

Locations Edit

In Founders' Falls, the Newsie can be found in Williams Square, at coordinates (3644.5, 0, 605.5).

On Peregrine Island, the Newsie can be found next to the Ferry, at coordinates (1684.5, 0, -859.5).

In Skyway City, the Newsie can be found outside of the Yellow Line, at coordinates (695, -40, -5260.5).

In Steel Canyon, the Newsie can be found outside of the Yellow Line, at coordinates (-4712, 0, 2276).

In Talos Island, the Newsie can be found outside of the Green Line, at coordinates (?, ?, ?). (Need Coordinates)

Quotes Edit

Hey whats up? You want the scoop? I'm your guy.

Paragon Police move in to Faultline!

Major flooding in Faultline! Seismic changes on the moon to blame!

Open access to Faultline! Rebuilding underway!

Arachnos infiltrated Faultline! Freedom Corps sent in to investigate!

Heroes needed to keep Faultline safe from Arachnos!

Secret manhole in Pocket D!

Crash Site has been declared a war zone! Heroes and Villains must unite together against a common enemy! Read it here!

The Vanguard have stepped in and declared White Plains a "war zone"!

Entrance to Rikti Crash Site from Crey's Folly has been CLOSED DOWN!

It's on! They're back! Heroes and villains unite against the Rikti!

Axe looking a little blah? Blades feeling kinda dull? Change'em! Take a paper to find out more!

New invention sets!! Super Rares, too! Heroes are more powerful than ever! Read all about it!

Extra Extra! Step right up! Heroes running around with two weapons in their hands! You got it! Dual Blades!

Can't hang on as well as you used to? Feeling weak? You need WILLPOWER! Read all about it!

Extra! Weird time travel stuff going on! Find out who Ouroboros is and how to get to them!

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