Thursday October 30, 2008
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Coming to a Mac Near You! Edit

According to a press release today, NCsoft is partnering with TransGaming, creator of the popular Cider and Cedega cross-platform gaming software, to bring City of Heroes to the Mac platform this fall. This means no more messing around with Boot Camp or Parallels to visit Paragon City! The City of Heroes Mac Special Edition is available from GameTree Online, and there is an open beta sign-up posted to try the software out ahead of time.

The Mac Special Edition will include two bonus in-game items: a Mission Teleporter power that will allow a character to teleport directly to their active mission, and a Valkyrie costume set, including two varieties of wings, a cape, a skirt/kilt, pants, boots, shoulder detail, chest item, gloves, belts, and a helmet with multiple details. These items will be purchasable separately as a bonus pack in early 2009 to non-Mac customers.

There is a discussion thread on the official forums. Congratulations to NCsoft and TransGaming on this significant development to reach a brand new market segment!

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