Store Contact Mr. Yin

Mr. Yin

Mr. Yin is a City of Heroes contact located in Faultline at coordinates (-857, -519.75, -424.5). Mr. Yin is a Store contact. Unlike other store contacts in City of Heroes, he is unlocked by running a regular contact's missions (Penelope Yin) rather than a mission of his own.

Mr. Yin first appears as a captive in the Rescue Mr. Yin mission from Penelope Yin, which is the mission which unlocks him. During that mission, he must be freed from his Lost kidnappers and escorted to the mission exit. Mr. Yin as a captive has the hit points of a Lieutenant of the same level and no attacks of his own.

Information Edit

Faction: Small Business Owner


Born in Hong Kong in the 1960s, Wu Yin left his native country as a young man to find his fortune as a sailor. He came to Paragon City in the 1980s with a deed to a small grocery store that he had won in a card game while at sea. Mr. Yin ran his store for many years, until the destruction of Overbrook in the Faultline Incident. He recently returned to reopen his store now that the city has begun to rebuild, but was kidnapped by the Lost. Though Wu Yin never married, he does have a daughter, Penelope Yin. The identity of Penelope's absent mother is a subject he tends to avoid, and he has simply raised his daughter on his own.

Store Edit

Mr. Yin sells a very small selection of level 13, 17, and 21 Single Origin Enhancements. He will only sell to characters who have the Rescuer badge.

Image Name Origin Description Level 13 cost Level 17 cost Level 21 Cost
Talisman of the Altered Offspring Talisman of the Altered OffspringMutation This talisman helps Mutants deal more damage. 15600 20400 25200
Talisman of the Quickening Talisman of the Quickening ScienceThis talisman helps Science-based characters speed up the rate of their attacks. 14508 18972 23436
Talisman of the Sleeping Lion Talisman of the Sleeping Lion TechnologyThis talisman helps Technology-based characters use less endurance in a power.14508 18972 23436
Talisman of the Owl's Eye Talisman of the Owl's EyeMagicThis talisman helps Magical characters hit their opponents more often. 16128 20736 25344
Talisman of the Ogre's Might Talisman of the Ogre's Might NaturalThis talisman helps Natural characters deal more damage. 15600 20400 25200

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