Monster is an Enemy Rank. It is situated between Hero/Arch-Villain and Giant Monster. Their exact con color may vary, and is usually in the range of +5 to +8 for their level. A Monster's level is not displayed in the target window, but can be discovered by viewing their descriptions.

By design, a single Monster is equivalent in power to 8 average player characters of the same level.

List of MonstersEdit

Various Monsters can be found throughout the game. Most Monsters are found within instanced missions, but a select few can be found in persistent zones.

Persistent ZonesEdit

Peregrine Island, Monster Island, The Hive and The Abyss


Instanced MissionsEdit

Eden Trial

Abandoned Sewers Trial

Cavern of Transcendence Trial

Numina Task Force

Portal missions from Tina Macintyre

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