This information is about new features that were implemented in Issue 14 and this page may still be slightly incomplete on details.

Mission Simulator

The Mission Architect, fictionally presented as a training exercise for Heroes and Villains, allows players to build their own Missions and Story Arcs and share them with others in the game. Using an intuitive interface similar to the game's detailed Character Creator, players can create missions by selecting options like size and type of map/environment, mission objectives and encounter types, and difficulty level of each encounter. Additionally, players can write all mission story fiction and character dialogue.

This feature was announced by Positron in April 28th 2008[1], and while no release date has been set, an screenshot of its interface was leaked in August 8th 2008[2].

Players can create their own missions and they can play missions that have been created by other players. Once you have finalized and "published" your missions, they are accessible by all players across all servers. All players can rate player created missions and a Mission Browser lets players find available missions and story arcs through a variety of tabs, sorts and filters in an auction house type environment.

As missions are played and more people positively rate them, the creator gains rewards and access to unlockable content for his/her missions. Rewards will also be given to players of the missions. Players will gain rewards such as badges and even XP for playing user created missions and StoryArcs.

The Mission Architect will allow you to create your own named bosses, such as their costumes, powers, and spawn places. You can only have maps for missions that you have visited. By getting high ratings and having many people play your story arcs, you gain rewards such as Signature Villains/heroes as well as some unique maps to make into missions.

Custom Bosses each have 3 levels of strength / ability and rank as follows: Minion, Lieutenant, Boss, Elite Boss, Arch-Villain. Custom Bosses can be enemies or allies, have a primary attack or control set, and any set can be used as a secondary.

At this point, no cutscenes are possible, only event-based normal npc dialog.

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