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City of Heroes® Mini Booster: Temporary 30 Day Jetpack includes the jetpack travel power for all characters on the game account for 30 days beginning at the time of purchase. After 30 days the jetpack will no longer be included within each character's selectable powers.

IMPORTANT: Players can purchase this temporary jetpack multiple times but should wait until the previous 30 days have expired before purchasing it again in order to get the full 30 days of use. If there are still additional days of time remaining from a previous purchase, and you purchase another 30 day jetpack, the new 30 days of time will override any existing time (for example, if you have 7 days of time remaining and you purchase another 30 day jetpack, the jetpack will then have 30 days of time rather than 37 days)


This item was made available for purchase through on Sept. 17, 2008.

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