Martial Gloom

Overview Edit

Martial Gloom belongs to the Rogue Isles Villains faction.

Heroes may face him in Safeguard Missions:

  • At the bank of the Kings Row Safeguard Mission, where he will be trying to rob it.
  • In the jail of the Kings Row Safeguard Mission, where the Skulls are trying to free him

Description Edit

Once a force to be reckoned within the Freedom Corps organization, Martial Gloom went insane after seeing innocent bystanders die in a fire fight and vowed to take the Freedom Corps down himself.

Quotes Edit

Robbing the bank: With these funds, I'll start my own dojo of EVIL!

Agroed: You should be honored to die at my hand!

Breaking out of prison: I will show you true fighting, dog of justice!

See Also Edit

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