Praetorian Malaise 01
This article is about the Praetorian villain Malaise. For the hero and Vindicator Malaise, see Malaise.

Overview Edit

Malaise is a Praetorian Earth archvillain, the Praetorian counterpart to Primal Earth's Malaise.

Heroes face him in the following missions:

Defeating Malaise is required for the Dimensional Warder Badge.

Description Edit

On Praetorian Earth the villain Malaise was never counseled by Sister Psyche, instead he was one of the 'patients' at one of Mother Mayhem's facilities. With the ability to control his madness and inflict it on others, he quickly rose to a position as her favourite.

See Also Edit

  • Malaise's Praetorians profile for a list of his powers

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