Overview Edit

Lucy Dreamtime is from the Find Lucy Dreamtime police band tuner mission. Lucy is one of those types all heroes know to keep an eye out for. She's actually a powerful psychic, capable of manifesting her dreams in the real world. Unfortunately, she can't control her power, so if she goes off her medication and has a nightmare, it can be bad.

Her faction is Hapless Citizen and she is a Captive.

Description Edit

This hapless citizen is in over her head.


During the rescue
Mu Striker: What are you talking about? I'm real! Aren't I?
Lucy Dreamtime: This feels like a nightmare!
Fortunata Mistress: Dude, we're totally figments of her imagination.
Mu Striker: This is crazy. I'm real! I'll show you!
Lucy Dreamtime: Why can't I just wake up!
Fortunata Mistress: Being imaginary ain't so bad. Otherwise, this would hurt a lot.
Lucy Dreamtime: <Hero Name>? Oh no, I'm having an episode, aren't I?

When lost
Lucy Dreamtime: A little help here?

At mission end
Lucy Dreamtime: I'm so glad you're real, <Hero Name>. You are real, aren't you?

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