Lt. Hollister

Overview Edit

Lt. Hollister is an ally with a faction of Nemesis. He will help you as he believes you are... other. He can be met during the Automatic Villainy story arc from Technician Naylor, during the second mission: Impersonate yourself and steal from the Nemesis Army.

He had slightly less hit points that a Lieutenant of the same level, which probably means he has a category of Boss (unless you are soloing at Villanous level). Once free, he will attack any Devouring Earth beings in his aggro range.

I have no idea what happens if he's killed.


Nemesis' officers are some of the best trained soldiers in the world, and they show amazing discipline and devotion to their master. They are armed with the Nemesis lance, a rifle that can also opperate effectively as a spear. Their skill with this weapon makes them deadly at any distance.


He says the following during his fight against the Devouring Earth monsters:

Lt. Hollister: Beasts of the Devouring Earth,you shan't prevail here!
Devouring Earth Minion: Devour!


Lt. Hollister: Ah! Villain! Care for a spot of help?
Devouring Earth Minion: Destroy!

After being freed:

Lt. Hollister: I take it that Arachnos suspects nothing? Excellent.


During the mission, he used the typical powers of a Nemesis officer:


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