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Overview Edit

Krylov's Creations are an enemy group in City of Villains. They appear in missions assigned by Dmitri Krylov.

Enemy Types Edit

Bosses Edit

Experiment 236 Edit

Experiment 236

Experiment 236

Main Article: Experiment 236

Experiment 236 is a creation of Dr. Dmitri Krylov, a Russian scientist who came to the Rogue Isles to make money by creating super-powered villains. Experiment 236 did not survive the transformation process with his sanity intact, and has since gone on a fiery rampage!


Electroshock Edit



Main Article: Electroshock

Electroshock is a hero created by the super-science of Dr. Dmitri Krylov. Electroshock was originally a villain who came to Krylov seeking superpowers, but in the end decided to become a hero in Paragon City.


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