1. A character is "knocked down" when they are knocked off their feet but are not knocked back.


  • Knockdown is any knockback that has a magnitude of less than 1. The most typical knockdown magnitude is .67.
  • Some enemies are susceptible to knockback, and any knockdown used against them will turn into knockback (the Clockwork, for example.)
  • Additionally, if the target is sufficiently low enough level, the Purple Patch will turn knockdown into knockback.
  • Because knockdown uses the same mechanic of knockback, all knockback resistance and protection are extended to knockdown.
  • The knockback enhancement increases the magnitude of knockdown, and with enough enhancement will turn it into knockback.
  • If a character is standing on the ground, they will be thrown to the ground and must get up off the ground. They cannot move or fire powers during the animation.
  • If a character is flying, by any flight power (Hover, Rocket Pack, Group Fly, etc), they will flip in the air. The time necessary to wait through the animation for Flying knockdown versus Grounded knockdown is approximately half.
NOTE: Hover used to provide complete knockdown mitigation: you were capable of firing powers and moving around while the flip animation was going. This was a bug and was fixed in August 2008.


  1. Foot Stomp from Super Strength.
  2. Earthquake from Earth Control.
  3. Oil Slick Arrow from Trick Arrow.

See Also

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  2. Knockup

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