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Kip Cantorum
Kip Cantorum
Electrical Engineer
Zone Galaxy City
Coordinates (-1776, 0, -2288)
Level Range 5-9
Introduced by Shadowstar
Tony Kord
Introduces Paula Dempsey
Paco Sanchez
Tristan Caine
Kyle Peck
Enemy groups Badge villain vahzilok Vahzilok
Badge villain cot Circle of Thorns

Kip Cantorum is a City of Heroes contact located in the Orion Beltway neighborhood of Galaxy City at coordinates (-1776, 0, -2288). Kip Cantorum is a Science origin contact. His level range is 5-9.

Introductions Edit

Contact Introduced By Edit

New Contact(s) Edit

Have you ever met Paula Dempsey? She's a real pistol and has a great deal of information on the Clockwork. You'll like her, and I'll bet she'll like you as well. Paula hangs out in Kings Row.

Paula has high standards, but I have no doubt you will live up to them.

There's an EMT named Paco Sanchez who'd like to meet you. He's not only great at his job, but he also works well with heroes, tipping them off whenever he sees something interesting going on with the Hellions and the Circle of Thorns. Paco can be found in Galaxy City.

Paco primarily cares about saving lives.

I'd like you to go and talk to my friend Tristan Caine. He's an environmental activist who keeps a close eye on everything that might impact the city's welfare, including criminals. He might have some good tips for you on the Vahzilok. Tristan has a lot of political connections, so he keeps near the city's center in Skyway City.

There's an EPA investigator named Kyle Peck who's known for working well with heroes. I'm sure he'd be happy to help you out as well, and, more importantly, I think you could help him against the Vahzilok. Kyle's connections keep him in Steel Canyon most of the time.

Kyle is fiercely dedicated. As long as you show commitment to helping Paragon City, you will have a strong ally.

Information Edit

Electrical Engineer

Kip Cantorum has a reputation as one of the more inventive engineers in Paragon City. He loves to tinker, and he has recently made quite a name for himself by converting technology seized from villains into harmless children's toys. He works closely with many of the city's heroes, who often give him recovered items in exchange for tips about what's going on in the city's technical community.

Initial Contact Edit

What can I do for ya?


Kip sells inspirations and some level 10 training enhancements.

  • Inspirations
  • Level 10 Training Enhancements (100% base costs) (Power 10 only)

Missions Edit

Talk to Lt. David Wincott Edit


Have you heard about the Hollows? Ever since the Trolls moved into Eastgate, the Paragon PD has been fighting a losing battle against them. If you're willing, I'd like you to go talk to Lt. David Wincott of the Trolls Task Force. He could really use your help in reclaiming the Hollows. Of course, we can really use your help here, too. Wherever you'd like to lend a hand, you'll be welcome.

The Trolls are the worse problem in the Hollows, but they aren't the only one. I'll let Lt. Wincott fill you in.

Icon clue generic
Hollows Briefing
Eastgate used to be a nice residential neighborhood with a view of the ocean. Before Trolls moved in, that is. On a quest for more territory, a group of Trolls headed into the sewers under Eastgate with the intent of blasting open a large area. What they didn't know that that there was already an extensive cave warren beneath the area. Their blasts destabilized the ground and collapsed a large section of the zone. When the dust settled, the surviving Trolls realized that they had found an excellent area for expansion. This event became known as the Hollowing. Since the Hollowing, other groups have moved into the area, including the Outcasts, the Circle of Thorns, and the strange rock-like creatures known as Pumicites. The Paragon City Police Department has its hands full trying to expel these threats so that reconstruction on the Hollows can begin.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Lt. David Wincott

See Perez Park Security Chief Edit


The Security Chief for Perez Park asked for you by name. You should take that as a compliment. Go talk to him. He's located in Atlas Park near the gates to Perez Park.

Perez Park is a dangerous place these days. Clearly the Chief thinks you can handle it, but take a couple of friends with you, just in case.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Security Chief


Take this briefing seriously. I need you to deal with some of the Circle of Thorns mystics that have been plaguing the area. Try looking for them in Bettis Hills.

Icon clue generic
Perez Park briefing
Perez Park used to be a beautiful place to take your family for an afternoon picnic. Now, no one in his right mind wanders in there. Most of the area has been abandoned, largely due to the rumors of unholy Circle of Thorns rites taking place deep within the forest. The park is entirely overgrown, a perfect place for those strange mystics to summon up a demon or two. This zone is so deadly that even heroes shouldn't go in there in groups of fewer than three.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Keep the peace in Perez Park
    • Defeat 10 Circle of Thorns


Badge villain cot Circle of Thorns


I guess the Chief's confidence in you was well placed. Fantastic job.

Stop Vahzilok from Stealing Bodies Edit


We've gotten reports of a strong Vahzilok presence in the sewers. They are using them to access the mortuary and steal corpses. Will you stop the Vahzilok from stealing those bodies? Paragon City's fallen citizens deserve better than this.

The sewer entrance is marked on your map. Watch out for the Vahzilok called Digger.

Mission Objective(s)

The smell of fresh corpses makes it obvious that you have found Digger's lair.

  • Defeat Digger and his minions

You have defeated Digger, stopping any further thefts from the mortuary.

Notable NPCs


Badge villain vahzilok Vahzilok


  • The boss name can vary. Possibilities are Digger, Patchwork and Stitcher.
  • Stolen Corpses: During this mission you can find some corpses stolen by the Vahzilok. Each corpse recovered will net you some Influence and perhaps an Enhancement. The number of stolen corpses in this mission may be as high as 14, perhaps even higher.


The mortuary reports that the thefts have stopped. Great job!

Go to Kings Row and stop the Vahzilok kidnappings Edit


Kings Row has been bearing the brunt of the latest Vahzilok kidnapping spree. I need a hero who can get to Kings Row and stop the Vahzilok kidnappings. I don't want to hear about one more missing person case!

The Gish has suffered a lot in this latest round of abductions. High Park has also seen a lot of activity.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Combat Vahzilok in Kings Row
    • Defeat 10 Vahzilok

You have stopped the Vahzilok from kidnapping the residents of Kings Row.


Badge villain vahzilok Vahzilok


Thanks. The people in Kings Row can breathe a little easier now.

Hit the streets and defeat as many Vahzilok as you can find Edit


My sources have been reporting a strange trend in the latest round of Vahzilok kidnappings. It seems they're targeting particular individuals! I want you to hit the streets and defeat as many Vahzilok as you can find. Maybe we can figure out who they're targeting and why.

You should look for Vahzilok in Kings Row or Steel Canyon. Those areas have been hit particularly hard.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Learn about kidnapping targets
    • Defeat 10 Vahzilok

On the last Vahzilok you defeated, you found a list of names.


Badge villain vahzilok Vahzilok

Icon clue generic
List of names
You took this list of names off a Vahzilok you defeated. It may enumerate the Vahzilok's next few kidnapping targets.


Yes, several of the people on this list have been reported missing. I'll warn the others right away! We'll have to look for a connection between these people. This could be a big clue to Vahzilok's future plans.

External Links Edit

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