Kenny Luciano


Kenny Luciano is the kid brother of Hard Luck. He has been with the Council since the days it was the 5th Column, but now he must leave, and will need your help to do it. You may find Kenny during one of the missions of Hard Luck, in City of Villains, and he is a Pet class NPC ally.


The Vortex Cor Leonis Archons make up the inner circle that surrounds the Council leadership. They are charged with the grand stratagems that further the ultimate goal of the Council: the eventual domination of the world. The leaders of the Council foster a competitiveness between these high ranking officers in order to prevent any single one of them from acquiring too much power and becoming a threat.


Kenny uses the full complement of powers a Vortex Cor Leonis Archon his level does, including two rocket launcher attacks and a plethora of martial arts attacks. Although getting him out alive is the mission objective, he is a powerhouse that should not be left unused.

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