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Karsis is a City of Heroes contact located in The Hollows at coordinates (698, -32, -38.5).

Introductions Edit

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  • None

Information Edit

Coerced Circle Mage

Much to his fury, Karsis has come under the magical control of Talshak the Mystic. Against his wishes, he will be forced to tell you the location of the Cavern of Trascendence.

Initial Contact Edit

Store Edit

  • Inspirations

Trial Edit

See Cavern of Transcendence Trial

(this task is NOT required in order to get a new contact. so if you wish to skip this task and go to your next contact out of the hollows you may do so by going to one of your acctive contacts.(usually the one that sent you to the hollows.) you will most likely go to skyway city and end up in faultline.)

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