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Jurassik is a Giant Monster of the Devouring Earth. It can be found in certain neighborhoods (Carnival Town, south of marker, and ??) of Crey's Folly.

According to the City of Heroes Giant Monster Guide, Jurassik appears in Crey's Folly every 4 to 6 hours. This guide was written before Issue 8, which expressly increased the spawn rate. The current rate is unknown, but is definitely greater than the listed rate.

A Monster/EB version of Jurassik is at the end of Numina's Task Force. Defeating it in this mission does not award a badge [1].


The giant monster was dubbed Jurassik by a hero some time ago, and the name has stuck (though the hero has regrettably disappeared). It appears that Jurassik has been mutated by the many pollutants and chemicals in Crey's Folly. Now, it is a creature of pure violence.



Defeating Jurassik in Crey's Folly awards The Solution Badge.

Badge villain devouring The Solution

You have bested Jurassik, the personification of the ideals of the Devouring Earth. The world sleeps safer at night due to your actions.

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